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(Recipe courtesy of Ming Tsai)


2 cups leek rings (1/4 inch), about 3 leeks

3 tablespoons duck fat or butter

1/2 cup dry white wine

6 each large yukon gold potatoes, peeled and 1/4 inch dice

1/4 cup chopped chervil

Salt and black pepper to taste


In a hot skillet, coat with 1 tablespoon of fat and sauté leeks until soft about 6 minutes. Season. Deglaze with white wine and completely reduce. Set leeks aside, wipe out pan and heat again. Add remaining fat and sear potatoes brown, about 10 minutes. Add back the leeks and chervil. Move around quickly to heat thoroughly. Check for seasoning.



On the plate with the liver, place hash to the side and ladle sauce on the liver.


Yield: 4 servings


Wine Recommendation: Morgon, Cuvee Unique Vieilles Vignes, 1997