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Cinnamon-Scented Rice Pudding





3-1/2 cups 2% low-fat milk, divided

1/2 cup short-grain rice, uncooked

1/3 cup sugar

l tablespoon margarine

1 (3-inch) strip lemon rind

1 (3-inch) stick cinnamon

1 egg

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1/4 cup golden raisins




1 Be sure to use short-grain rice because it produces a softer, creamier texture.


2 Combine 3 cups milk, uncooked rice, and next 4 ingredients in a medium saucepan. Bring rice mixture to a boil over medium-high heat. Reduce heat, and simmer, uncovered, 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.


3 Combine remaining 1/2 cup milk and egg, stirring with a wire whisk. Gradually stir about one fourth of hot rice mixture into the egg mixture; add back to the rice mixture, and stir well.


4 Reduce heat, and simmer, uncovered, 40 minutes, stirring occasionally. Remove from heat; discard lemon rind and cinnamon stick. Stir in vanilla and raisins. Serve warm or chilled. Yield: 6 servings (serving size: 1/2 cup).


Nutritional Information: 

CALORIES 226 (22% from fat) / PROTEIN 7.1g / FAT 5.6g (SAT 2.4g, MONO 2g, POLY 0.8g) / CARB 36.9g / FIBER 0.6g / CHOL 47mg / IRON 1mg / SODIUM 105mg / CALCIUM 183mg