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Chicken and Bean Burritos


1 1/3 cups salsa
1/4 cup chopped cilantro
1 Tbs. lime juice
4 burrito-size flour tortillas
1 can (16 oz.) refried beans, warmed 2 minutes in microwave
1 package (10 oz.) cooked chicken-breast strips
1 package (8 oz.) shredded pepper- jack cheese


1. Heat oven to 450 F. Line a baking sheet with foil and coat with nonstick cooking spray. Combine salsa, cilantro, and lime juice; reserve 1/2 cup and set aside.

2. Evenly spread refried beans over tortillas, leaving a 1/2" border. Top with salsa mixture, chicken strips, and cheese. Roll up burritos. Place seam-side-down on prepared baking sheet. Spray with nonstick cooking spray. Bake 5 minutes, until cheese is melted and top is crisp. Serve with reserved salsa.

Makes 4 servings. Nutrition per serving: 639 cal.; 42 g pro.; 26 g fat; 60 g carb.; 522 mg calcium; 2 g dietary fiber.